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London (mostly)
Semi-working, semi-studying, sometimes full-time both, short attention span, impressive stomach capacity, paranoid about my employer finding this blog, left-handed, wishes weekends were five days long. Moves house almost as often as jumps fandoms (which is quite often, actually). Most lately into a whole honking chunk of Super Junior, which has been a long time coming. KANGTEUK!!!!! EUNHAE!!!! Makes random noises sometimes. And unabashedly likes talking about MS Excel keyboard shortcuts, one day she'll be able to build an entire cashflow model without touching the mouse. Sometimes found baking CAKES!PASTRIES!PIES!, but most often found in front of laptop fangirling about combinations of JE or (now!) SM boys/J-drama's/MiuMiu/Chanel/Louboutin ♥
afternoon tea, arashi, bad math jokes, baking, beard papa cream puffs, being happy, blue skies, boarding a home-bound flight, cake, chewy chocolate chip cookies, cinnamon rolls without fruit, coffee, complicated desserts, daydreaming, dorayaki, duty-free shopping, duvets, eunhae, fandom hopping, flipping through cookbooks, funny words, goggle-eyeing expensive stuff, going home, hachikuro, happy colours, heechul?!, hugs, intermittent conversation over coffee, kangteuk, lolling about, long distance phone calls, long walks, looking at unaffordable things, milkshakes, patisseries, photographs, pierre herme, real ice cream, relaxed shopping, robust flavours, ryo, ryopi is leik megaotp, skiing, smell of cookies baking, snowboarding, sparkley things, un-rainy weather, window shopping, yamapi, yummy things

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